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25 May 2008 @ 12:29 am
Current news!  
I'm going to bed in a min, I just wanted to post a bit of my news.

I saw Sweeney Todd on bluray last week - I loved it! So good! Sweeney Todd's 'I couldn't care less' expression reminds me of Mewtwo and Lucario for some strange reason, they usually wear the same expression. I'm talking about in the song from that film 'By the Sea'.

Also - went to the MetroCentre in Gateshead on Wednesday - Metroland has already shut down T.T For anyone who doesn't know, Metro Centre is a huge shopping centre. Metroland was the indoor funfair there (with an indoor rollercoaster). I loved it in there and now it's gone. Ah well. I thought they wouldn't close it.

It was GREAT to see Burnett! We only got to see each other for 3 days after being apart for 3 months...because bloody work made me work on Friday...otherwise I could have stayed until today!

I won £10 on the lottery again today. That's twice in two months! I think I'll believe in the ol' saying 'third time lucky' and I might win the jackpot next month or something. Maybe not but it's good to dream.

And finally...

My driving instructor told me to book my driving test! Yay! That means I'm finally ready! The waiting list is 5 weeks and I can't book it until I'm paid on Thursday but still, tis all good!

I have a terrible habit of not taking any photos or vids sometimes when I go on a trip - I will next time. I just didn't have time! I was so busy that there just wasn't enough time to take photos. Does anyone else have that problem sometimes?

I haven't been on MSN much as I've been too busy.

I'll post more about my trip later, off to bed now!

I saw one of my bosses in Tesco - weird how I often see colleagues a lot in different places and also old school friends. Some of the latter work in Tesco is why.

Well done to Hull City for beating Bristol 1-0!
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