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09 November 2008 @ 01:06 am
I've just got back from my 21st birthday meal/night out.

My mum surprised me with a fireworks display in our back garden. One of the fireworks fell over and we had to all run inside, but it was ok.

Then I got one of the greatest surprises of my life, my mum hired a limo that looked like a plane (minus the wings for obvious traffic reasons) and it looked like a rocket ship at the back. The driver was dressed as a pilot!

He took us around the city centre, the Deep at night which looks beautiful (it's a big aquarium), and the Hull marina which has all the posh businessmen’s' yachts on it with all their lights on at night (yes, Arti and Xai, there are some posh places in Hull! XD). The limo had champagne in it and music videos. The windows were in the same style as a passenger jet but larger. Arti would have loved it!

We then arrived at May Sum, the Chinese buffet restaurant. My dad had bought me a big cake, and at the end of the meal he paid for everyone's meals and drinks! Even though the arrangement was that everyone pays for their own meals (I am personally not made of money but my dad is). There was even a chocolate fountain there!

My parents gave me a lot of money as a present, which I will put in my savings account, as I have already exchanged my own money from £s to Euros for my holiday tomorrow.

My friends and I then went to a small pub called the Punch Tavern (its name sounds like there are a lot of fights in it, lol). We did karaoke and then went home because we were all tired due to the large meal.

My friends tied helium balloons on strings around my wrists which looked really bizarre - they do things like that. xD

Well I am going to be packing tomorrow last minute and going for Sunday lunch with my mum. My dad is coming here at 10am so I'd better get to bed now!
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07 November 2008 @ 09:17 pm
My 21st birthday is actually on Sunday, but since it was the last working day before, I celebrated my birthday early at work.

I walked into the building as was surprised to see this banner: http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i307/dragon_embers/081107_170304.jpg on the door to the floor I work on, it was a lovely surprise!

I then got to my desk and on the walls I saw all these:





Then when I got to my desk, there was a big balloon! http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i307/dragon_embers/081107_170056.jpg

There was '21' confetti and star confetti all over my desk, it was great! I managed to gather it all up into the box of my necklace present in the end.

Then I opened all the cards from my colleagues:





As you can see, my colleagues bought me a chocolate slab with 'Happy 21st, Natalie' on it and a chocolate champagne bottle with 'Happy 21st birthday' on it, both from Thorntons (a chocolate store here).

They also bought me this lovely sterling silver necklace which had a leather box:


Out of focus because I have a crappy camera phone.

I also got £10 from my boss, Matthew, the solicitor who I work which was really nice of him.

In our work, it's a traditional that on your birthday you have to bring biscuits etc in for everyone to eat (and in return you get biscuits from everyone else when it's their birthday) so I brought it some luxury biscuits, two tubs of pringles and some other little snacks.

We then went over to the Three John Scotts (a Wetherspoons pub/restaurant) for my work birthday lunch. I had booked a table a week prior to this. Yesterday I went in with a printed list of what everyone wanted. I was asked if we wanted the meal ready for our arrival, 12:30pm, and I said yes. I informed them that we must be back in our offices by 1.30pm.

When we got there, we were waiting 45 MINUTES for our food, and when it finally came, we all had to eat it quickly so we could get back to work in time. That's the second time that's happened to me on my lunchbreak with a pre-booked meal. >> We did get £13.00 knocked off the bill as an apology but that's not the point. Luckily no one minded! Our bosses were there anyway so they let us get back to work 10 minutes late due to the circumstances. Matthew and Andy stayed behind for a "meeting" aka a few more beers - they're solicitors though, basically are their own boss, so it's ok.

I'm having a meal tomorrow with my friends and family at a Chinese buffet restaurant in the city centre called May Sum. I also need to go and get my Euros etc and a few more things so I'll hardly be online tomorrow if at all.

On Sunday I will be packing and going out for Sunday lunch at a pub, then Burnett will arrive at the train station at around 6pm. From there we are going to the ferry terminal to get on this bloody big ship, the Pride of Hull: http://www.ferryphotos.co.uk/images/prideofhull.jpg or its sister ship, the Pride of Rotterdam. The ferry leaves at 9pm and we will arrive in Rotterdam at 8am Monday morning. Then we catch a transfer coach to Amsterdam, and stay at a great hotel that Burnett has booked.

We then leave Amsterdam on Wednesday night for Rotterdam, leave Rotterdam 9pm Wednesday night and arrive back in Hull at 8am. Burnett is then going home as he has to be back in work on the Saturday. I would have gone but it means coming back the next day due to him having work the following day - train fares are expensive. I'm not experienced at driving enough yet to drive him home and then drive home - he lives 140 miles away.

So I probably won't be back online until next Friday.
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I bought a wildlife magazine last month with lots of pictures of wolves in it. It’s from a place in Canada where wolves have been relatively undisturbed for millennia. I wish people would respect wild habitats – this one is safe though as it’s a few wooded islands in Canada. The wolves swim from island to island as they please. They even have a different skull shape to other wolves. I thought some people may be interested!

My printer/scanner is on the floor as I don't have a desk at the moment, so some pages aren't fully straight but people will still be able to read the articles if they wish by zooming in after downloading them.

I'm going to buy that book about them which is featured in one of the scans.

Any questions about any of the scans/if you can't read any of the writing and wanted to know what it says, let me know.

Edit - I tried to scan the pages in here but it went a bit wrong and the pages were too large. So here are my links to them:

Wolf on front cover of BBC Wildlife Magazine

Contents page summary

First page introduction

Second page introduction

Lake page

Lake page 2


Alpha couple and cubs

Fishing wolf

Fishing wolf 2

Wolf and crows etc


Map etc

Swimming wolf

Information about the book etc
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05 July 2008 @ 11:34 pm
LOL, I couldn't resist posting this from a local bus company's website. Who the hell has never been on a bus? So fucking funny how they teach people on how to use a bus!:


Travelling on the Bus
I’ve never travelled by bus before, what do I do?

All our bus stops are clearly marked, but please remember that some buses go to different destinations from the same stop. Always check the number on the front of the bus to ensure it is the correct one for you. To find out where your nearest bus stop is ring BusCall on 01482 22 22 22.

When the bus arrives raise your arm in order to signal to the driver that you wish the bus to stop. Please make sure the driver has seen your signal and that the bus is stopping, i.e., indicators are flashing, before you lower your arm. If you do not signal clearly the driver may assume you do not require the service and drive past. Remember that other people waiting at a bus stop may not want the same service as you. Please let alighting passengers get off the bus before you board. If you have difficulty getting on board the bus, ask the driver to lower the bus (this facility is available on many buses).

When you get onto the bus please state your destination to the driver, and wherever possible have the correct money for your fare, as this minimises delay and reduces the time the bus spends at each stop. Your ticket or travel card should be retained throughout your journey as proof of payment. When using a travel pass please ensure this is clearly shown to the driver. It is important to hold it the correct way up and for no details to be hidden. Remember to give the driver enough time to see the pass. You must show it each time you travel, even if the return journey is operated by the same driver, so it can be recorded correctly. There are several different types of concessionary pass which the driver has to record, so please show your pass even if you are obviously over 60.

If you feel unsteady on your feet ask the driver to wait until you are safely seated before he sets off. If you are unable to find a seat for your journey make sure you hold on to a nearby rail whilst travelling.

Once the driver has closed the doors and is pulling away from the bus stop their attention will be concentrated on the road and other traffic so that the bus can safely pull out. It is unlikely the driver will be able to stop again at this point in order to allow other passengers to board due to the confusion caused to passing and oncoming motorists.

After boarding please move down the bus or upstairs to make room for others trying to board. Do not stand if a seat is available. If you have to stand, remember that standing near the doors or blocking the passageway can cause unnecessary delay, and makes it difficult for others to get off the bus at their stop. Please be prepared to offer your seat to the elderly, disabled and those who are pregnant or carrying small children. Some seats on the lower deck, or near the entrance/exit, are clearly designated for these passengers.

If you are not sure where to get off the bus, when boarding ask the driver to alert you when you reach the correct stop. As you approach your stop ring the bell once, well in advance, to let the driver know you wish to disembark. If someone else has already rung the bell a sign saying "stopping" will light up, and you do not need to ring the bell again. Please remain seated until the bus has stopped.
04 June 2008 @ 09:52 pm

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28 May 2008 @ 10:41 pm
My mum's out of hospital now and didn't need an operation.  She just needs some physiotherapy and medication.

I showed her the recent film Sweeney Todd and she loves it.  She likes horror and sci fi, even anime, I have a cool mum.

Oh, also, that furry hate video has now been taken down from YouTube for terms of use violation.  I was quite silly to take my stuff down anyways.

However, I want to make a new profile about myself and my characters/fursonas etc so I'll do that some time.

Going to bed now, night all!
28 May 2008 @ 12:56 am
I was a little angry at a recent furry hate video on YouTube so I took down all my furry stuff from youtube. Not any videos, but things on my profile describing what interests I have etc.

Silly me - I'll put it all back up tomorrow.

Why I do these things I'll never know.

That's not the only 'hiding' I've done recently - and I told myself I wouldn't do this.

I'm tired so I'll probably feel better in the morning! ^^
27 May 2008 @ 08:54 pm
Well my mum has been in hospital since Sunday evening and she's been waiting since Sunday to have her scan. >>;  We still don't know if she needs surgery.  I went after work to the hospital and have only just got back.

I'm going to watch Sweeney Todd AGAIN XD  No, I'm not obsessed...I swear.

Anyone seen the Loup Garoux film, Blood and Chocolate? It's amazing! Especially if you like wolves

Well I'm a bit tired so I won't be on mIRC or MSN much, but maybe at the weekend I will or later in the week.
25 May 2008 @ 10:41 pm
I have just got in after sitting in the hospital since 5pm.

I haven't had anything to eat since lunchtime so I'm just going to make something now.

I've been looking after my mu m all weekend so I've not had much time to be on MSN or mIRC. If you need me though, please just leave a message here or something.

My mum is very ill at the moment and needs surgery tomorrow. I'm going back to the hospital in the morning.
25 May 2008 @ 12:29 am
I'm going to bed in a min, I just wanted to post a bit of my news.

I saw Sweeney Todd on bluray last week - I loved it! So good! Sweeney Todd's 'I couldn't care less' expression reminds me of Mewtwo and Lucario for some strange reason, they usually wear the same expression. I'm talking about in the song from that film 'By the Sea'.

Also - went to the MetroCentre in Gateshead on Wednesday - Metroland has already shut down T.T For anyone who doesn't know, Metro Centre is a huge shopping centre. Metroland was the indoor funfair there (with an indoor rollercoaster). I loved it in there and now it's gone. Ah well. I thought they wouldn't close it.

It was GREAT to see Burnett! We only got to see each other for 3 days after being apart for 3 months...because bloody work made me work on Friday...otherwise I could have stayed until today!

I won £10 on the lottery again today. That's twice in two months! I think I'll believe in the ol' saying 'third time lucky' and I might win the jackpot next month or something. Maybe not but it's good to dream.

And finally...

My driving instructor told me to book my driving test! Yay! That means I'm finally ready! The waiting list is 5 weeks and I can't book it until I'm paid on Thursday but still, tis all good!

I have a terrible habit of not taking any photos or vids sometimes when I go on a trip - I will next time. I just didn't have time! I was so busy that there just wasn't enough time to take photos. Does anyone else have that problem sometimes?

I haven't been on MSN much as I've been too busy.

I'll post more about my trip later, off to bed now!

I saw one of my bosses in Tesco - weird how I often see colleagues a lot in different places and also old school friends. Some of the latter work in Tesco is why.

Well done to Hull City for beating Bristol 1-0!
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