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Due to not being able to ever get the same holidays together, me and Burnett won't see each other til the 11th May for one day and then 19th-22nd May.  We haven't seen each other since 30th February and we've both missed each other badly.

I've had the money to see him every month but at first he was working nights so couldn't travel and now he only has Tuesdays and Sundays off, so he has to book time off to see me. I get weekends off.

I couldn't even get the same time off as him in May but got special permission from work to do so - otherwise we won't have seen each other til June!

It's hard not seeing other for so long and working/not being able to get time off together.

However, Burnett is the only boyfriend/mate I've ever and we've known each other since 2001. I moved back down here in August 2007 after living in Seaham since May 2006.  I really regret it now and I got a good job etc down here so it's really hard to move but we'll sort something out.

We would never, ever leave each other just because of the distance at the moment though -we are each other's world and I don't know about him but I don't see the point in anything if we weren't together, that's just me.  We'll sort it out this year (distance etc).
My train times though are stupid...I'm going on on the 19th after work at the train's at 6pm.  I have to change trains in Leeds, York and Newcastle but I've taken the cheapest fare, £27.50....the more convenient route is £60 and that's too expensive.  Coming back, I'll leave about evening time on the Thursday.  He has the week off but work could only let me have 3 days off >>;

On another note, I didn't know who to vote for on May 1st so I didn't....simply because it's against my beliefs to just choose the lesser evil out of all of them. I would have voted green party but they stand no chance in hell.  The Lib Dems have destroyed this city and now they're still in power.  Also a note, I have been commanded/ordered/forced to vote so please don't lecture me :P I get enough of it elsewhere.  It's my decision.
26 April 2008 @ 08:39 pm
I met Majestic from UKFur today and also her friend, whose name I've already forgot, sorry! But I'll remember next time.

We met outside Starbucks and then ate fish and chips in Queens Gardens.  For those who don't know, Queens Gardens is Hull's equivalent of Central Park although not as big and not as glamourous, lol!  I just mean it's a park in the centre of the city.  A lot of people in the alternative scene meet there such as furs, goths, pagans, gay/lesbian/bi, anime fans, emos and any other people who happen to want to meet up there!

 It used to be chav infested but on a Saturday it's packed!  It reminds me of Tokyo where certain groups meet on certain days in parks/on bridges etc.

We also went to a gothic/pagan shop called Kathmandu and a DVD/electronics/gaming shop called Cex.

I figured out I will have enough money to go on holiday this year and also Burnett said he'd take me aswell.  We're thinking of going to Spain and Amsterdam this year.  We don't really need to save to get a house at the moment as we're both going to carefully plan getting a house this time, so we want a few holidays before then just to chill out.

The only thing that's stopping me from moving back to Seaham is my job which I really like but I can always find something similar in Seaham or Sunderland.  I'm not sure what job I want to do but it will probably end up being office work. Yes I find it a bit boring but at least I get weekends, bank holidays and a week at christmas off, plus my regular holidays.
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17 March 2008 @ 08:21 pm
I haven't used this for a while!

I am now a member of MyFursona and UKFur so hopefully I'll get more friends added.

I had to buy a new wifi router the other day because my old one just crapped up.

I'll have more interesting things to say later ^^
20 January 2008 @ 07:49 pm

I decided to set up an LJ account, as I usually use MySpace but I know a few people don't and prefer this ^^

I used to have an LJ ages ago, but that was years and years ago, so I decided to start afresh.

And yes I KNOW a Ninetales isn't lupine, but I also like wolves too...so don't be correcting me XD

I haven't had time to set up a proper layout yet, so please bear with me!

Right, I'm off for a late tea now! (Tea = dinner/evening meal in the UK)

I went to see  I am Legand today, I thought it was quite good ^_^

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