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27 July 2008 @ 01:55 pm
Swimming/fish-catching wolves in Canada article and scans  
I bought a wildlife magazine last month with lots of pictures of wolves in it. It’s from a place in Canada where wolves have been relatively undisturbed for millennia. I wish people would respect wild habitats – this one is safe though as it’s a few wooded islands in Canada. The wolves swim from island to island as they please. They even have a different skull shape to other wolves. I thought some people may be interested!

My printer/scanner is on the floor as I don't have a desk at the moment, so some pages aren't fully straight but people will still be able to read the articles if they wish by zooming in after downloading them.

I'm going to buy that book about them which is featured in one of the scans.

Any questions about any of the scans/if you can't read any of the writing and wanted to know what it says, let me know.

Edit - I tried to scan the pages in here but it went a bit wrong and the pages were too large. So here are my links to them:

Wolf on front cover of BBC Wildlife Magazine

Contents page summary

First page introduction

Second page introduction

Lake page

Lake page 2


Alpha couple and cubs

Fishing wolf

Fishing wolf 2

Wolf and crows etc


Map etc

Swimming wolf

Information about the book etc
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